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Mist Collector Manufacturer in India | Wholesale Price

 Technical Specifications:

Efficiency 99%
Material MS
Weight 70 – 100 lbs
DSLC 550 550m3/hr 0.25KW 350L*350w*400H 100MM 22Kg 63dBA
DSLC 950 950m3/hr 0.55KW 400L*400W*470H 150MM 34Kg 65dBA
DSLC 2850 2850m3/hr 1.5KW 455L*455W*660H 200MM 45kg 68dBA


  • High collecting efficiency due to localized mist collection in the surrounding area of the site of occurrence
  • Convenient cleaning/maintenance, economical and can add deodorizing function


Mist Collector Manufacturer in India | Wholesale Rate

Drasla Technology is one of the leading top brand Oil Mist Collector Manufacturer in India.

mist collector supplier

Mist Collector Supplier

The Oil Mist Collector (Filtermist) is specifically utilized in various industrial processes to clean the working ambience by complete sucking of oil mist. The mist collector offered by us is the best available package for the employee and environmental protection in industrial premises.



  1. Compact in size
  2. Improvised airflow with curved vanes
  3. Optimum mist collection efficiency with entry cone
  4. Split casing consents to easy maintenance
  5. Maximum filtration capacity by means of drum and case gap
  6. Energy efficient
  7. Silent operation
  8. Effective combining aesthetics and functionality
  9. Work zone filled with pure air
  10. Easy to integrate with wide machine tool range through Aesthetics
  11. Clean oil is backed to machine
  12. Automatic removal of oil mist from source
  13. Centrifugal impaction allows efficient collection of oil mist



  • Automotive Industry
  • Rubber Processing Unit
  • Aerospace Component Manufacturing Process
  • Heavy Engineering Industries


Why You Need it?

During machining and metalworking processes it helps to remove the airborne contaminants generated by oils and coolant. it can also use for CNC machines.


Mist Collector

Mist machine works as a detector & completely sucks the mist and smoke inside the machine and it will be sifted through different filtration techniques.

The channel is planned to demonstrate a disparity and clean quickly.

The mist eliminator is utilized all over the place, in various industries for a number of uses and it is created by our specialized designers who guarantee incredible quality and properties.

Oil Mist Collector is accessible in different limits and plans for simple execution where oil mist is an issue. it also works as a cooling system.

A residue and mist accumulation framework keeps up neatness and cleanliness, assumes a noteworthy part in guarding the surroundings.



Drasla Technology is a well known wholesale industrial equipment trader in Pune. and trusted oil mist collector manufacturer in Pune, Maharshtra, India.

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